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Use this page to sign up for RCS events and activities. Please, only qualified Reno Composite Squadron Members should use this page. No event details such as location and time will be given. Talk to your squadron commander or deputy commander for cadets for location and time.

Reno Air Races Food booth and emergency services signup

The Reno Air Races is our biggest fundraiser of the year - and usually our only one. We have six days that we're active and need help with. Sunday, September 10th, will be the setup. We setup the entire booth and clean everything in preparation for the event. It'll be in the morning some time so it's cool and will only take a few hours. The other days are Wednesday, September 13th to Sunday September 17th. We operate from 0600 to 1600 all days with tear-down on Sunday until about 1830.

Shifts for Wednesday through Sunday are 0600 to 1100 and 1100 to 1600. Each shift includes either breakfast or lunch and you might be required to periodically "test" the french fries. It's a tough job, but, someone has to do it.

If you are on shift for part of a day or all of a day you'll be able to check out the air races as well. We try to let everyone off for a few hours so they can enjoy the event. You'll smell like fried food and grease, so, crowds will part for you and lines will empty. It's not so bad, really :)

CADETS and Seniors helping with Emergency Services

Use this same form to sign up for emergency services and if you're a senior helping out the cadets.

So, take some time off of work and come help us out!

Squadron T-Shirts

We're buying squadron T-Shirts! If you work the Reno Air Races you'll get one for free. If not, it will cost you $5.

These shirts will be either black or tan, depending on what uniform you want them for. The shirt we'll use for the Reno Air Races will be black, regardless of your uniform.

The shirt required for your uniform is:

  • ABU: Tan
  • BDU: Black
  • CAP Corporate Field Uniform: Black

Squadron fitness program

Announcing the squadron wellness challenge! Come and get fit, get healthy, and feel better!

Teams will be chosen by the second July Meeting (July 20th) with the first check in at the first August Meeting.

Prizes will be awarded at the squadron awards banquet in January. We'll be running this twice a year with awards at the 2018 Squadron BBQ as well. 

The cut off for prizes is September 1st but you can join a team any time to participate.

CPR Class - TBD


This is the second part to the First Aid / CPR class. If you just need CPR then you can take this class too! If you took the first aid class then you can also take this class. It's limited to the first 12 students so get in early to secure your seat! You won't find a more cost effective class or a better instructor!


  • TBD
  • 0800 to 1200
  • Cost: $10
  • Where: 601 S. Rock Blvd, Reno, NV

Pilot's Scholarship Program

Reno Composite Squadron has voted to dedicate $2,000 of squadron funds to get our pilots to Mission Pilot Status. A committee of three pilots will determine eligibility for the program. Some things we are looking for are:

  • Near the requirements for a "Form 5"
  • Longevity with CAP and the Reno Composite Squadron
  • Attendance at current CAP events

Fill out the form below and you'll be contacted if you are selected for a scholarship.

Member Bios

Our squadron historian, Major Sandra Steffensen has requested that we all submit a photograph and a biography for the squadron scrap book. So, you can submit your short biography using the form below. Thanks for helping to keep our squadron awesome!

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