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Use this page to sign up for RCS events and activities. Please, only qualified Reno Composite Squadron Members should use this page. No event details such as location and time will be given. Talk to your squadron commander or deputy commander for cadets for location and time.

O-flights Sign UP

As a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol you get five flights in a powered aircraft! The next day for O-flights is March 14th at 0800. Sign up for this great opportunity because they don't come around as often as they should. Please fill out CAPF 32. Uniform is BDU/ABU. 

SAREX 14th of April 2018 

The April SAREX will be a Wing let drill SAREX with focus on everything: UDF, ground team, base staff and air missions.  This will be a multi-squadron exercise. Please sign up so we can better plan the day. Show up time 0800 (MSA 0730) to about 1600. 

Squadron LEadership School (SLS)


SLS (Squadron Leadership School) will be held at Wing HQ on 24-25 March. This training is required for advancement to Level 2.  The class is not available very often, so please try to attend if at all possible. It is mandatory that you are in a specialty track.

The two day class starts at 0800 and ends approximately 1500 hrs (3PM) each day.  We may get out a bit earlier on Sunday, the second day.

You will be required to fill out a CAPF 17 and submit to your squadron commander for approval prior  to the school. Please send the CAPF 17 to the school director Maj. Jim Doyle: 

There is a $10.00 charge to cover food cost.  This charge will be collected at the beginning of the first day.  Coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided each day.  It is requested you bring a note pad and pencil or pen with you. Computers/tablets are not required, but can be brought to class for note taking.


Please already now save the date for RenoSquadCon that will be the best day of training with networking lunch. Saturday 7th of April 0800-1700

Health program

The last health program went quite well and we are going to make a second round. Please sign up to become a part of the squadron health and fitness program. It will be teams of 2-3 persons and we will have a friendly competition with prizes that will be revealed at the squadron BBQ in July.

We will weight in and note weight/BMI at least once a month at the meetings.


Squadron Game Night

Games, food and prizes, what is there not to like?

Date: April 6th 2018 1800-2200 

Location: 601 S. Rock Blvd.

Squadron T-Shirts

We're buying squadron T-Shirts! If you work the Reno Air Races you'll get one for free. If not, it will cost you $5.

These shirts will be either black or tan, depending on what uniform you want them for. The shirt we'll use for the Reno Air Races will be black, regardless of your uniform.

The shirt required for your uniform is:

  • ABU: Tan
  • BDU: Black
  • CAP Corporate Field Uniform: Black

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