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Welcoming The Veterans Home                             

Civil Air Patrol assists at the latest Honor Flight welcome home event

Reno Tahoe International Airport, September 24, 2017--

Soaring with the Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol cadets enjoy glider flights as part of their Aerospace Education curriculum

RENO, NV., September 10, 2017 – On a warm day in August, cadets of the Civil Air Patrol
prepared to engage in an exciting mission – flying gliders. Taking place at the Silver Springs
Airport, the Sunday activity attracted cadets from several Northern Nevada units, including five
from the Reno Composite Squadron.
Using the airport’s winch, the sole CAP glider was launched more than 25 times, allowing all
cadets to fly at least twice. During each takeoff, the glider was swiftly pulled to an altitude of
1000 feet and released after several exhilarating moments of acceleration. Once in the air, the
highly-trained pilots allowed cadets a chance to maneuver the aircraft at certain points during the
flight, guiding their usage of the controls. As the glider landed again and again, cadets
enthusiastically ran out to meet it in an attempt to be chosen as the next to fly – a thrilling
prospect for the young students of aviation.

(c)2018 Reno Composite Squadron